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Training for Europe

AMT is a consultancy firm which was founded with the aim to encourage exchange of knowledge and experience between European countries promoting the mobility of its citizens. At present AMT is specialised in the coordination of educational programmes which enable the acquisition of linguistic and professional competences and expand people’s horizons.   Since 2003 AMT has been widening its services to offer a broad range of qualified training programmes tailor made to suit individuals´ requirements and to provide unforgettable experiences. We have enlarged our services to offer language courses, training programs in foreign countries, educational periods in European schools, cultural programs and technical visit programs for professionals. Our background in the coordination of European Mobility projects (Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus and nowadays Erasmus + , etc) has enabled us to develop international programmes for individuals while maintaining the quality of our services.   During these years, AMT has enlarged a network of competent schools, training centres and companies over Europe. Currently AMT has a team of highly qualified staff completely devoted to this objective.



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