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Erasmus + in Seville

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Destination: Seville (Spain). Capital of Andalusia and cradle of a unique culture that includes the most typical Spanish traditions like Flamenco, the Holy Week, the April Fair or the bullfights. Seville is blessed with a nice weather which makes easy to enjoy its vibrant life not forgetting its most famous passtime “el tapeo” which involves social gathering perfect to enjoy Spanish wonderful gastronomy. When AMT was founded, its main objective was to foster European cultural exchange, especially in the area of education and learning. AMT has extended it partnerships with many public and private European institutions and we have coordinated hundreds European projects (Leonardo da Vinci ITV/PLM/VETPRO, Erasmus and more recently Erasmus +) with excellent results. In AMT we coordinate mobility programs in Seville with a clear objective: that participants reach their goals: to improve their Spanish and to gain professional competences that will add a real value to their cvs. AMT works for making of it all an unforgettable and rewarding experience at a personal level as well. They key of our success is that we design each program separately, taking into account the needs of the beneficiary (either a university, a school, a chamber of commerce, public or private institutions) and the expectations of each participant (either a student or jobseeker). Although we concentrate mainly in receiving mobility/exchange participants to this city, we also send groups from Spain, acting as promoters or coordinators. Besides, we are involved in projects of different areas, e.g. cultural, education, research, etc. in partnership with other public and private institutions.


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