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School Period in Spain

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Spanish is a language that nowadays is spoken by 500 million people. After English it is the second most studied language in the world, therefore a fundamental subject in the education of next generations. Although the cradle of Spanish is in Spain, South America first and later the USA have continued to expand its growth. But living in Spain not only means learning Spanish considerably but also a wonderful opportunity to develop other personal abilities like self-assurance and self-confidence. Besides Sevilla is a perfect destination for several reasons. First, it is a beautiful city, one of the most impressive towns in Europe. Sevilla is the capital of Andalucia, the crossroads of culture movements and birthplace of the most typical and famous Spanish traditions like Flamenco, “tapas”, bullfighters, the April Fair or the Holy Week. Besides Sevillian people are really open and friendly and foreign students feel rapidly at home.

In AMT we coordinate school periods in Sevilla (from 1 month to a school year) for young people wanting to improve their Spanish and live an unforgettable experience in a friendly and caring environment. The schools where we place the students are renowned for their educational level and have a long and reputed tradition. On the other hand these schools are very enthusiastic with the idea of welcoming foreign students, so they make it really easy for them. As our main commitment is to guarantee the students´ wellbeing, we pay great attention and effort to select the families that host our students. We choose them carefully considering the students preferences and we study each family personally. Families are open, kind and must treat the student as a member of the family. We also search for families having children of the same age, and studying in the same school whenever it´s possible. That is also a way to share their spare time together going for a walk, shopping, playing sports … etc. Usually the school and the family are really close to each other, within walking distance. AMT appoints a Local Coordinator that the students can contact whenever they need. This person is in contact with the schools and the families, to find a quick solution if anything happens and having in mind first the student interest. Besides, students have an emergency phone number available 24 hours a day. AMT takes care of all the administrative process and organisational aspects of the program: documents for the school application, books, uniform, accommodation, food, transfers to the airport, and school reports.

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